Week 1

Well I have to say that it has been a tough but fun first week! The first few days we were here were a blast! Since us WOU students had two full days together before we went to our host families we were able to explore Queretaro with Carmen and get a feel for the city. It was a little rough at the beginning because everything is in Spanish but it was a great experience that helped get me prepared for my classes here!

Meeting my host family was fun but not what I expected and I really struggled trying to settle in on Sunday. Monday was still challenging for me because I was in a knew place and wasn’t sure if I liked it. Later that night I ended up getting the stomach flu or food poisoning and hardly slept. I ended up calling my wonderful resident director who took me to the doctor at 2 in the morning! I was worn out for the rest of the week and was stressed from missing my second day of class and having to make up work and try to get enough sleep. This week has challenged me a lot but I was able to have some great experiences in there too! We had two birthdays which I was able to attend because I had been feeling better! Also we hiked Bernal which was beautiful! It was a hard hike since it’s the 3rd tallest rock in the world but it was so worth it!

I now feel much better and have switched host families. I guess the dynamics of my first house just didn’t work out, but that is okay. I’m very excited to be with my new family and hope that my next 4 weeks are easier than the first. Only time will tell!bernal

One thought on “Week 1

  1. I can see that this week was an adventure with many ups and downs. I’m so glad you are feeling better. And you should be very proud of rolling with this week–seeing the challenges but also recognizing the many positives. I’m happy you are settled in with a family that feels comfortable. I look forward to hearing more about your journey. Michele

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