Arrival was very interesting! I was very glad that we had Carmen with us to help with the spanish. Upon arrival we immediately went through customs and it went very well. Once we got through all that we bought a ticket for the bus to Queretaro. That was a fun experience, the ms weaved in and out of traffic, sometimes creating an extra lane. Once we got to Queretaro we went straight to bed, we were all very tired! These past few days have proven to me that my spanish is not as good as i thought, but i have learned alot these last few days and am really excited to meet my family tomorrow. Today we took the trolly around town and walked alot. It was nice to get to know the city. I cant wait to see what this next week has to offer! image

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  1. I am sure that your Spanish will quickly get better while you are surrounded by Spanish speakers! I have noticed that it is really helpful listening to other people in shops and restaurants who are speaking German. It has tremendously helped me with figuring out how to pronounce words and what words to use in what situations.

  2. You likely know more Spanish than you realize, but you’ve probably had more passive experience with the language than active experience up until now. I’ll be eager to hear how your skills develop over the next weeks. Michele

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