Getting ready to leave and fly out tomorrow! I’m getting really excited but I’m also pretty nervous. I’ve never been to another country that doesn’t speak English so I think when I first arrive I’ll be a little overwhelmed. I don’t know what the culture will be like but I think that I will begin to adapt to it after the first few days. Since I’m going a few days early I have some time to get use to everything before I meet my host family. I’m most excited about meeting them and trying new things as I get to know them and stay with them.

From my past experience abroad I stayed with two host families and learned so much by staying with them and seeing their day to day routines. It was such an great learning experience to spend a weekend with a local family. For this trip I’ll be with my host family for five weeks! I can’t wait to meet them in a few days!  Courtneymexico-currency-28214982 mexico-map-thumb6400406

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  1. I’m so glad you’re looking forward to your host family experience. Living with a family is the very best way to improve your language skills and learn about the new culture. Safe journey! Michele

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