“Vienna waits for you”….but the train does not.

It was decided. Tuesday (our last day off) Gabi and I would go to Vienna. This was fitting considering I had just visited Mozart’s birthplace and his next stop was Vienna too. We knew there were two other dancers there but they had left the previous day and we had no idea what their plans were or a way to contact them, so we made our own Itinerary. It was a wonderful train ride and bonding time through the Austrian countryside over coffee in the morning sun.

On the train

Another Water Closet Story:
At one point, we decided to test out the train’s water closet. Gabi disappeared for a moment and then returned, claiming the automatic door, was not so automatic. I investigated and got through just fine. However, once on the other side, I could not open the door to the bathroom. Feeling incompetent, I returned to share that I too was unsuccessful. We stealthily watched and learned as others managed to get through the doors with no problem. One man had an odd gesture near his head when he walked up. It was determined that one must discretely scratch their head and act casual as the secret admission trick. Once through the doors there were only minor struggles such as remaining balanced as the train shook, finding the toilet paper…and flush….and soap. All in all, we came out of the experience much more aware and feeling that next time the process will go smoothly so we will be less judged by onlookers.

Gabi and I enjoyed our day touring.

We visited the breathtaking St. Stephen’s Cathedral.
This is the crowded inside.

I was too close to get a good shot of the whole thing in one frame but this is an idea of the front.

The current display at the national library – about posters over the decades to encourage tourism in Austria. Gabi decided she wants to have a room in her future house that is a library and have one of the awesome shelf ladders. I agree its a good idea.

A tour of the Opera House! Fun fact: the emperor has his own tea room (pictured) that cost thousands to rent for one intermission.

Not the best picture from the Opera House tour but I loved this room.The marble floor in this foyer came from Salzburg! And the walls had the neatest decoration.

After this tour we set off in search of the famous violet gelato. We walked through the grounds around the Imperial Apartments just chatting and gaping when I saw a familiar face. WHAT are the chances?! I understand running into other dancers in little Salzburg…but Vienna?! We could not believe it. Even weirder, we found out that it was an accident that either of us had gone down this street, must be serendipity! To our further astonishment, all four of us had plans to go to the same cathedral, next on the agenda after a snack! Happily we continued until we found our delicious purple ice-cream and rested in the grass as we ate.

The four of us with our famous violet gelato that we finally found….along with finding each other!

Next stop, together now;

Outside of St. Charle’s Church in the evening. The two figures are Helena and Syvana (the dancers we ran into)

The bummer was that we had just barely missed closing and could not take the rickety lift to the top to enjoy the view. So it became dinner time instead. Being the difficult, picky eater I am, I caused a lull in our flow as we debated where to dine. An Asian food restaurant in Nasch Market was the winner….a 3 to 1 vote. My patient friends assisted me in ordering something I would like and graciously shared their meals too (and by that I mean pressured me into tasting suspicious entrees).

It was time to go. We had classes starting early the next morning and it was already getting late. Our anxious faces rushed the waitress but we paid and speed walked to the catch the “U” (subway) to the train station. At the platform we realized our train left in10 minutes… the U didn’t come for another 6. This time our vote was consensus. We wouldn’t make it and now had another hour to spare in Vienna and would be arriving back in Salzburg around 2am. Oh well. These are the things you just have to accept with a shrug and a smile because there really isn’t anything else to do about it!
What an exciting, day. Travel books are right, you have to be flexible and just go with the flow. By the way, we learned that the phrases “Playing it by ear” and “Flying by the seat of our pants” are not ones that translate very well.

A random and unrelated comment, I really appreciate student-prices. It’s a good deal! I got into a live Mozart concert in a cathedral for only 10 Euros! So many places offer a discount and it always cheers me up!

Ghost update:
Haven’t heard the footsteps recently (I think I’ve been too tired to wake up). However when we returned to our room after Vienna, expected a new roommate to have arrived, no one was here. This was good news because then we could turn the light on and not have our first impressions be waking up the new sleeping dancer 5 hours before she had to be up for class. But wait….the bed was made….and no other sign of new life….mysterious.
The next morning our roommate introduced herself and informed us she had slept in another room…..so who made the bed?

The new program has begun. Out with the….new and in with the new-er. Helena, Gabi and I spend most of our time guiltily not making friends and instead sitting in the exact same spots talking about the ones who had left. We selfishly figured it would be easier to not get attached to yet more faces we’d have to say goodbye to. I suppose that is the wrong attitude. This portion of the program is a good transition because it is significantly less strenuous and is smaller, so it’s a nice opportunity to get more one on one help from teachers before I have to take an unknown amount of time off of dancing.

Everyone all dressed up for the crazy last morning ballet class.

I only have 4 more days in Salzburg. 3 days of dancing and being with friends and a day of tour when my parents arrive! I cannot believe that the time has come and they will soon be on their way here! Chapter 2 is about to commence. Woah.


2 thoughts on ““Vienna waits for you”….but the train does not.

  1. I loved your water closet story! I have had some similar experiences here in Argentina. I just chalk it up to the fun and excitement of a new culture, as you obviously did. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another great post Emily!
    Sound like you are having no trouble keeping busy. As far as that goes, I also found out the “Sounds like” also does not translate well into Spanish. Finding out the different idioms of languages is very interesting. I am glad you are having so many great experiences. That is crazy that you found your friends in a completely different city! You definitely have the right attitude when it comes to being flexible. Although, traveling in a group with so many different personalities can definitely be challenging. I know that you are probably exhausted. I am glad that you are moving onto a new chapter. I am too, but my transition will be back to home. I wish I could stay longer. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

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