Trans* Training

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About Trans* Training

**Must have had ally 1&2 Training**
This training is specifically geared towards the Trans* community. These training materials include information on transitioning, terminology, and will further broaden an individuals ability to be inclusive.

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Training Materials

Cisgender Privilege Checklist

Mattering and Marginality

General Trans* Information

Preferred Pronoun’s

Trans* Terminology

Creating a Safe Zone and Being an Ally

Seeing Beyond Gender

Questionnaire [Coming soon]

Trans* Jeopardy [Coming Soon]


Informational Posters

Trans* Day of Visibility

Why Trans* Need More Visibilty

Trans* Youth Support

Queer Youth of Color

Trans* and Restrooms


Trans* Resources

TransBucket– A photo sharing site for transgender people to share their post-surgery photos in a safe and respectful space.

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide– An honest, comprehensive guide on everything about FTM transition and life.

Safe2Pee– A directory of gender neutral bathrooms designed to make going to the bathroom safer for gender non-conforming people. Also check out the app TranSquat, an app that utilizes Safe2Pee’s database. The website and app also have the ability for users to add bathrooms not already in the database.

Transgender Care– This website has extensive information about medical transition for MTF women. Be warned, some of the language is insensitive and does not reflect the experiences of trans women, but much of the information is helpful.

TONI Project– This site, created by the National Center for Transgender Equality, was created to get on-the-ground information of colleges’ treatment of transgender students. Individuals can create a page for their school with specific information about name change forms, people to talk to, and policies affecting trans students.

Trans Student Equality Resources (TSER)–  A youth-led organization dedicated to improving the educational environment for trans and gender nonconforming students through advocacy and empowerment. Trans Student Equality Resources is your organization for contacting schools, getting information, and taking action! We supply trans*-related information and provide support for creating change in your school and beyond.