Ally 1 Training

Who We Are

Safe Zone Allies have undergone a 2-1/2 hour training program to serve as a resource, referral and someone to listen to regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) initiatives or concerns at Western Oregon University.

You can identify who is an Ally by noticing their Safe Zone Ally bumper sticker located on their doors or office areas.

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List of Allies with Ally 1 training:

We’re working on updating the list since many of them have graduated. It will be up shortly

Training Materials:

Warm Up:

Common Human Trait

Go Around

Line Up Warm Up

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Setting the Stage:

Beyond the Binary

How Do You Feel about LGBTQ People

Media and Being LGBTQ

Just the Facts:

Common Human Trait

Heterosexual Privilege

History Modern Pop Culture Match Up

Ally 1 Terminology Cards

Paying the Price:

Beyond the Binary

Coming Out Stars

Coming Out Stars STARS

Creating Change and Taking Action:

Creating a Safe Zone and Being an Ally

An effective Ally does/does not

Facilitator Copies:

Training Procedure Ally 1

Safe Zone Training Outline

Sign In for an Ally training

Ally Training Guidelines

Sign In for an Ally training

Ally 1 contract

Ally 1 Certificate

Sign Up for Ally 2 Training

Training Evaluation Ally 1

Training Facilitator Feedback Ally 1