Ally 2 Training

Who We Are

Safe Zone Allies have undergone a 2-1/2 hour training program to serve as a resource, referral and someone to listen to regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) initiatives or concerns at Western Oregon University. Individuals who are Ally 2 trained are required to have Ally 1 training, giving them 5 hours of resource material they can use to better serve the WOU community.

You can identify who is an Ally by noticing their Safe Zone Ally bumper sticker located on their doors or office areas.

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List of Allies with Ally 2:

We are currently working on updating our information. Please give us time to do so and the information will be up shortly.



Training Materials:

Goals and Outcomes

Beyond the Binary


LBGTQ Terminology

Training Journal

Facilitator Copies:

Training Procedure Ally 2

Ally 2 Facilitator Feedback Form

Training Evaluation Ally 2

Ally 2 contract

Ally 2 Certificate