All-Gender Bathrooms

Western Oregon University is guided by “equity and inclusion; a fundamental basis in human diversity; appreciation for the complexity of the world; and strength drawn from our variety of backgrounds, abilities, cultural experiences, identities, knowledge domains and means of expression.” (WOU Strategic Plan)

One way the campus community has worked to become a safe place overall is through campus-wide effort to establish all-gender bathrooms.

Downloadable map with a list of all-gender bathrooms at Western Oregon University

This information is also listed on the web page below.


Map of All-Gender Bathrooms at Western Oregon University

Buildings WITH all-gender bathrooms
Building Name
** = residence hall.
Private or public? Where and how many? Multi or Single Stall? Wheelchair Accessible ? Other amenities
Ackerman Hall** Private Two in each wing Single Yes Shower
Ackerman Housing Office Semi-public Two behind main desk Single Yes Unknown
Administration Building Inside vestibule of SE Stairwell
Arbor Park Apartments** Private All bathrooms in apartments Single Some Shower
ASPC NA Three on 4th floor NA NA NA
Barnum Hall** Semi-public One in general lounge Single No NA
Bellamy Hall (HSS) Public One Second Floor, teachers’ hall Single Yes NA
Butler Hall** Semi-public One in general lounge Single No NA
ASPC NA Three on 4th floor NA NA NA
Education Building Public On first floor Single Yes NA
Cottage One on first floor
Hamersly Library Public One In 24-hour lab Single Yes Open 24 hours
Health and Wellness Center Public One on Mezzanine Level, Two on 2nd floor inside gym area, Two in 1st floor classroom side hallway to room 105, One in Athletic Training Center Single Yes 2nd floor: baby change area, showers
Heritage Hall** Semi-public One in general lounge Single No NA
Instructional Technology Center (ITC) Semi-public (in classroom), Public One in ITC002, Two on 1st floor Single Yes NA
Landers Hall** Semi-public One in general lounge Single No NA
Maaske One on first floor, down hall past reception
Old PE Public Three near the classrooms Single Yes NA
Richard Woodcock Education Building NA 1st and 2nd floor main hallways NA NA NA
Sequoia Commons** Semi-private Two near vending machines Single Yes NA
Smith Music Hall Public One in middle hallway near vending machines Single No NA
Student Health and Counseling Center Private One behind main desk Single Yes NA
Todd Hall Public One on second floor, One on first floor near childcare playground entrance Single Yes Shower
Valsetz Dining Hall Public Two by Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood Single Yes NA
Werner University Center Public Two downstairs by Calapooia room One single stall with urinals; One multi-stall Yes Lactation station in single-stall
West House One on first floor
Winters Math and Nursing Building Public Two downstairs by computer lab Single Yes Showers

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