Support of GLBTQ Students

This page is devoted to supporting our LGBT*Q+ students on campus and is organized into sections. The first section is for people who have, or believe they might have a roommate who identifies as LGBT*Q+. There are also sections for friends and family members. We encourage anyone to look at the Resources link the main page or contact a Safe Zone Ally for additional information.

For Families/Parents

Coming out for a student at a college or university can be challenging, especially if you are no longer immediately located near the student.

For families, the PFLAG organization (Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays) is an excellent organization that focuses on support, education, advocacy and information for family members. You can reach them at

In addition, here are two links to sites that talk about what to expect now that your student is coming out and may answer some questions for you.

PFLAG’s Coming Out Help for Families and Friends

PFLAG’s guide to being a trans ally

Coming out as an LGBT Supporter, from the Human rights Campaign

In addition, this link is a PDF file of a brochure for families and friends when a student has come out to you:

Our Sons and Daughters

Contact the Safe Zone

You can reach someone on the Safe Zone committee for questions or information by e-mailing us at