Safe Zone Committee

The WOU Safe Zone Committee had its first meeting on October 11, 2006. The group was committed to starting a Safe Zone program on campus, but didn’t know what that would look like. Ideas were thrown around everywhere! From that first meeting, the committee has evolved. People have come, gone, but the commitment to inclusivity and having WOU be a supportive and safe campus has stayed the same!

Today, the committee meets every 1-2 weeks to evaluate the program, discuss issues on campus and reaffirm our interest and commitment to LGBT*Q+ issues on the WOU campus.

WOU Safe Zone Logo

The WOU Safe Zone Committee established a logo contest during winter term 2007 with the hopes of getting designs from students that would work to create a unique WOU logo that sets a positive image of Safe Zone. Emily Nuding submitted the winning design from that contest.Black logo

After some feedback from the campus┬ácommunity and committee, we were able to create the official logo for Western Oregon University’s Safe Zone program.┬áThe logo has been used to create buttons,┬ábumperstickers and is available to purchase on a variety of apparel and goods, the proceeds benefiting the Safe Zone program on the WOU campus.

In 2014, the committee received a new logo designed by students from Jen Bracy’s graphic design class. Our new logo is below.
Safe Zone Logo