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What is Safe Zone?

The Western Oregon University Safe Zone program seeks to form an allying network of students, faculty and staff committed and trained to provide safe, non-judgmental and supportive contacts for all WOU community members regarding LGBTQ+ issues. Through training and community events, we are committed to providing a campus atmosphere of universal acceptance and assistance.

Our Vision: To provide continuing education to the community about LGBTQ+ inclusiveness on and off campus.


What does Safe Zone do?

Safe Zone’s key charge is to provide training sessions for new LGBTQ+ allies. We offer Ally 1 and Ally 2 training sessions which teach participants about basic LGBTQ+ issues and culture, and how to be an effective ally.
If you are interested in attending a training, please e-mail us at
We also hold fundraisers

How can I participate?

The easiest way to participate is to attend a training session.

Upcoming trainings are as follows:


Please e-mail us at to reserve a spot.

We also invite anyone interested in playing a more active role to attend our bi-weekly executive committee meetings.

Meetings are held from 11am – noon every other Thursday in Hamersly Library 210.

Want to learn more?

Check the links at the top of our page to find WOU campus resources, online materials, and other information about the committee and the LGBTQ+ community.