Our Moodle installation has experienced some significant performance problems this summer. University Computing Services staff is hard at work to resolve these issues, but here are some important things to know about getting around in Moodle this summer while they’re working to update our site:

There are temporarily two distinct Moodle sites.

  • One site, found at online2.wou.edu, houses current Summer 2014 courses ONLY. You may otherwise use this site normally.
  • If you need emergency access to materials from an older course, you may access them on the second site, found at online3.wou.edu. This site serves as a read-only copy of all other courses. We have changed the color on this site to make it distinguishable from the current summer courses. Please do not make changes to your courses on this read-only site because they will not be saved.

 Choose a button below to sign into Moodle:

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Questions? Contact the Moodle Support Team:
moodle@wou.edu | 503-838-9300