Meet your Hamersly staff: Samrid Aryal

Each term, we introduce you to a few of the people who work to make Hamersly your favorite place on campus to do research, study, print your papers, meet with a group, or simply kick back and read in a quiet place.

This week, meet Samrid Aryal, the student employee who has been with us the longest in our current batch!

SamridWhat do you do in the library? I work at the Information Desk. I help patrons with technical troubleshooting, general questions, and help them with finding research materials/articles.
How long have you worked in the library? About three and a half years
What is your major and year in school? Information Systems major, Senior
What is one thing about the library you think everyone should know? That they can check out board games, video games, projectors, laptops, and other equipment from us.
What is the last good book you read? The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
What was your favorite book as a kid? The Arabian Nights
Tell us a fun fact about you! I am the first international student from Nepal to attend WOU.

Get Spring Break reading suggestions

readingDo your Spring Break plans include lying on a beach, couch, or [you fill in the blank] with a good book? Need some ideas for what to read? Fill out this short form and your WOU librarians will get back to you with a book or three you might like!




(Photo: “couple reading books” by Erin Kelly. Licensed under Creative Commons

Meet your Hamersly staff: Myranda Sawyer

Each term, we introduce you to a few of the people who work to make Hamersly your favorite place on campus to do research, study, print your papers, meet with a group, or simply kick back and read in a quiet place.

This week, meet Myranda Sawyer, one of our excellent student employees who is leaving us at the end of this term to complete an internship before she graduates in the spring. Thanks for all your hard work, Myranda!


What do you do in the library? I’m an Information Desk student worker
How long have you worked in the library? One and a half years
What is your major and year in school? I’m a Criminal Justice major, and I’m a Senior
What is one thing about the library you think everyone should know? That you can order most of your textbooks from Summit, and the best part is, it’s free! It’s a great way to save a little extra money, sometimes a lot of money depending on the textbook. :) Just ask someone at the Information Desk and we will show you how.
What is the last good book you read? At the risk of sounding like a nerd, the last good book I read was for one of my Criminal Justice classes, and it was called There are no children here by Alex Kotlowitz. It is about a young man growing up in the inner city of Chicago and all of the things he had to go through at such a young age. I highly recommend it!
What was your favorite book as a kid? I had too many favorites when I was a kid. Pretty much any Dr. Seuss book was my favorite.
Tell us a fun fact about you! I used to play three instruments: the saxophone, the tuba, and the bass.

The ‘Find it @ WOU’ button is your friend

find it @ wouDoing research for that final paper? Then you’ve probably come across the ‘Find it @ WOU’ button. Often, students are confused about what it does, but it’s a powerful tool that can get you to the articles you need no matter where they’re located. So, it’s worth checking out!

More about 'Find it @ WOU'...

When you click the ‘Find it @ WOU’ button for an article in any WOU database, you will see one of four different scenarios for getting the full text of the article:

  1. A link to another WOU database that has the full-text article
  2. A message that WOU owns the article, but in print. You can either go to the physical shelf in the library where the journal is located and copy or scan your article, or you can choose the ‘Scan and Deliver’ option and we will scan it for you and email it to you as a PDF.
  3. A page or link that says WOU has access to the article via OnDemand. You will either be able to order the article yourself by following the on-screen prompts, or the library may need to order it for you, depending on which option shows up.
  4. A note that WOU does not own the article, but that we can get it from another library if you fill out the WOU Interlibrary Loan form linked from the page.

Find out more about each of these scenarios and see screenshots of what they look like here:

WOU’s history is at your fingertips!

Valentines from WOU scrapbooksUniversity Archives (located in Hamersly) houses a treasure trove of WOU materials dating back to our founding in 1856. Some of these items are digitized and available online, such as past yearbooks and letters from early Monmouth settlers. Some are physical and can be accessed by contacting Archives staff, such as student scrapbooks from the 1920s.

So, whether you’re working on an assignment, looking for photos of a WOU-alum family member, or just hoping to satisfy your curiosity about WOU’s rich history, University Archives can help!

Stop hunger in Oregon…and help WOU win for the 10th year in a row!

Food drive snacks for sale

Food drive snacks for sale at the Info Desk

The 2014 Governor’s Food Drive is underway and WOU needs your help. Last year, for the ninth year in a row, WOU won first place among all of our sister universities with a total of 84,737.26 pounds of food donated! You can help keep us on top this year in a number of ways:

  • Bid on fabulous auction items such as a French Press coffee maker, a Thai massage gift certificate, a movie night gift pack, and more!  Bid early and often!
  • Buy snacks from the Info Desk.
  • Contribute to the Penny Drive, also at the Info Desk.
  • Give non-perishable food items – place in donation boxes throughout the library.

Every year, state institutions (like WOU and other state universities) participate in what amounts to the largest employer donation to local Oregon food banks all year, to help feed the hungry in our state. There is some friendly competition between universities around the state, but of course everybody wins when hunger decreases.

For more information about the 2014 Food Drive visit the website at:

Hamersly is home to WOU’s new English Tutoring Center

Could you use some English language help? The new English Tutoring Center is here for you with free drop-in tutoring sessions. You don’t need an appointment, just come to room 228 in the library around 7pm, Monday-Thursday to sign up for a slot.

English Tutoring Center

Whether you need help to

  • understand your written assignment instructions and/or course readings,
  • comprehend the spoken English of lectures, class discussions, and small group interactions, or
  • speak fluently with good pronunciation.

Tutors are able to help individuals or groups of two or three improve their speaking, listening, and reading skills in both academic and informal/casual English. They can even give you a visit confirmation slip to ensure your professor knows you came to the Tutoring Center for help.

The English Tutoring Center is open 7:00 to 10:00 pm, Monday to Thursday in Hamersly Library, Room 228, Weeks 2 through Finals of each term.

Learn about other countries with ‘A to Z the World’

Thinking about studying abroad? Taking a class with an international focus? Just want to learn about another country? A to Z the World is the database for you.

A to Z the World
Covering 175 countries and territories, A to Z the World is a great resource to learn about social and cultural customs, important travel and business information, and much more. It has a snapshot for each country – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe – if you just want some quick info, or you can go into more depth on a variety of topics related to each country.

Hamersly Library closed the entire week of Christmas

Glowing Christmas Tree Lights in the Winter Night

Along with the rest of campus, Hamersly Library will be closed one full week of Winter Break.  Since you might be doing research, ordering materials for Winter Term, or needing to check out some books and videos to relax with, here are some tips to plan your library use:

Our calendar provides a complete look at our winter break hours and the resumption of normal hours with Winter Term.

1) Due dates: Any items that would normally come due during the closure (from local collection or borrowed from Summit or Interlibrary Loan), the due dates are pushed back to Dec 30, the first day the campus reopens.

2).  Borrowing Summit or Interlibrary Loan materials.  Plan ahead to accommodate delivery before our closure–better the books are in your hands for the 10 days than laying in a cold warehouse awaiting our reopening. Want a single deadline for all remote-item ordering?: Thur. Dec. 12.
If you want to spread the deadlines out a bit and still (probably) get your items before we close:

  • Order physical items from Interlibrary Loan (WorldCat items) by Thur. Dec. 12.  (these average a week to arrive & vary by our distance from the loaning library).
  • Order items from Summit by Friday, Dec. 13 (These usually take 2-3 days for delivery, and we get our shipment late in the day.  You’ll want the item to arrive by Thursday’s shipment.
  • Order journal articles that are not held in our physical or electronic collections by Monday, Dec. 16

3).  You’ll have continued access to all electronic resources, including ebooks through the catalog, the databases (including streaming multimedia content from Films on Demand, Theater in Video, and Classical Music Library) and electronic journal access. 

4).  You are welcome to continue requesting items (from local collection or from Summit or Interlibrary Loan, certain OnDemand articles, and Scan & Deliver materials) and services during the closure through the standard channels.  The staff will process the requests once campus reopens on Dec 30.  Do remember, though, that staffing might be scarce both at Hamersly and at partner libraries during the whole holiday season, and that can slow response times.

Happy end of term, and Happy Holidays!

photo credit: (Photographer). (2012). Glowing Christmas Tree Lights in the Winter Night. [Digital Image]. Retrieved from