Incidental Fee Committee

The Incidental Fee is a set amount that every student pays each term as part of Western Oregon University’s tuition and fees.  The 2013-2014 Incidental Fee is $306.00 per term


According to State regulations, the Incidental Fee pays for the student activities provided by three main areas:  Intercollegiate Athletics, Educational Activities and the Student Union.  For Western Oregon University, this breaks down into these funded areas:
Abby’s HouseAccess, ASWOUAthleticsCampus Recreation, Child CareCreative ArtsService Learning & Career DevelopmentStudent MediaStudent Leadership & Activities, Student Activities BoardWerner University Center, and Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Incidental Fee Committee is comprised of students, faculty, and administrators.  STUDENT MEMBERS ARE THE ONLY MEMBERS WHO VOTE.  The Committee Chair is a non-voting member (except in the case of a tie).

The following are faculty and/or staff advisors:

Dr. Gary Dukes, Vice President for Student Affairs
Darin Silbernagel, Director of Business Services
Eric Yahnke, Vice President for Finance & Administration

Three of the student members are elected in ASWOU Elections, three students are appointed by the Student Body President, and three students are appointed by the WOU President to serve on the IFC Committee. This year’s committee members are: Shelby Green (Chair), Jessica Hand, Michael Freeman, Tyler McAfee, Ryan McBee, Michael Espinoza, Kim Lavoie, and Kyle Deming.

Twelve areas on campus are funded by incidental fees:  Abby’s House, Access, ASWOU, Athletics, Campus Recreation, Child Care, Creative Arts, Service Learning & Career Development, Student Media, the Vice President for Student Affairs’ office, Student Leadership & Activities and the Werner University Center.  All of the funded areas are asked to submit budget requests by the beginning of January.  Each area presents their budget to the Committee for questions and clarifications.  After all areas are heard from, the Committee sets a proposed fee amount and a proposed allocation of the revenue from those fees to fund each area.  Open hearings are held and the Committee may incorporate information gathered at the open hearings into their proposal.  Once the IFC proposal is complete, it is sent to the ASWOU Senate for confirmation, and then to the Institutional President for final approval.

If you have more questions, please contact any Incidental Fee Committee member or advisor.

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