Tutoring Hours By Appointment Summer Term

Just a quick note:  We have no scheduled tutoring hours in the Technology Resource Center summer term.  Rather than staff our Student Technology Assistants during the much quieter summer months, we concentrate our budget on the much busier fall, winter, and spring terms.

However, if I’m in my office and my door is open, then I’m always glad to help. I’m in and out quite a bit, however, so if you want to ensure that I’m here to help with digital video, website creation, or other projects, then email me at trc@wou.edu.  That email will go to not only me, but anyone manning the TRC, and you can use it during other times of the year as well. Of course, you don’t need an appointment if you’re fine on your own. All of our equipment is available for self-service.

If you stop by on a whim and no one’s here, you can also ask for help at the circulation or reference desks.  Many of the full-time staff and student workers have received training on the equipment and software we have in the Technology Resource Center.