A university comprises an academically and culturally diverse community that works together toward a common unified purpose. One way in which our purpose is visibly conveyed is through our visual and printed materials. Consistency in these materials helps us establish an institutional image with strong visual identity — one that is becoming increasingly important in a highly sophisticated marketplace. The recent change of our institutional logo, seal and name provides Western with a rare opportunity to renew our image in the eyes of the public through consistent visual identity.

The Office of Public Information is implementing visual identity guidelines designed to establish a common framework to show our university’s variety at its best. These guidelines include specifications for using our seal, logotype, and ligature, along with a stationery package and reproduction requirements. The following general information is provided at this time and will eventually be printed in a Graphic Standards Manual to be published later this year as we work through your various needs.

Authorization for use of the logotype, ligature, and seal
Western’s verbiage or graphics are registered with the state of Oregon. Any use of the logomark, ligature or seal for purposes other than those described are prohibited. Permission for use of these graphics by any off-campus entity or profitable venture must be obtained in writing from the Office of Public Information.

Reproduction of the logotype, ligature, and seal
Duplication of the logomark, ligature and seal must be of high quality and presented in a consistent fashion. Black and white camera-ready versions, as well as electronic versions, are available through the Office of Publication Information. Electronic formats are available in DOS and Mac formats as .tif and .EPS files. The logotype, ligature and seal may not be altered, recreated, or modified in any way. In addition, they should not be reproduced as sizes smaller than those found in camera-ready versions.

The seal incorporates an illustration of Campbell Hall, the oldest building at Western and in the Oregon State System of Higher Education, with the University’s founding date,1856. It is to be used only on official items, such as, certificates, diplomas, transcripts, medallions, and plaques, and it should not be combined with an-other logo. In order to maintain legibility of the seal, it should appear no smaller than 3/4-inch in circum-ference.
The official logotype spells out “Western Oregon University” with the word “University” stacked below “Western Oregon” in the Minion typeface. The logotype is the legal identifier to be used on all visual and printed materials that represent Western Oregon University, particularly those that will be viewed by external audiences. In most cases, the logotype should be centered at the bottom of printed material to allow the title to have promi-nence. Specifically:
  • For paneled brochures (single- and multi-fold), booklets (5 1/2 by 8 1/2): center the logotype at the bottom of the front panel, no wider than 2 3/ 4-inches; also center the logotype at the bottom of the back panel with address information under-neath, spaced and placed in the same way in which it appears on Western’s envelopes.
  • For promotional flyers (8 ½ by 11) and small posters (8 ½ by 14): center the logotype at the bottom of the front panel, no wider than 2 3/4- inches.
  • For forms and information sheets (8 1/2 by 11): center the logotype at the top of the front panel stationery, no wider than 2 3/4-inches.
In order to maintain legibility of the logotype in every application, blank space should be left around it equal to the letter height of “University.”
The ligature is interlocking initials of “Western Oregon University” that spell “WOU.” The ligature can be used on signage and less formal materials, such as merchandise. It works particularly well for on-campus audiences. In order to maintain legibility of the ligature in every application, blank space should be left around it equal to the width of the “O” downstroke. For placement, contact the Public Information Office.
  “W” Graphic
The “W” Graphic is not a logo, but an identity element that can be used in visual and printed material. It is the officially recognized “W” for the university. No other “W” should be used. The placement of the “W” depends on how it is used in the design. Therefore, there is no required placement. Spacing around the “W”, however, is specified when it stands alone. In order to maintain legibility of the “W”, blank space should be left around it equal to 1 ½ times the height of the serif.

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