To add a new page to your website

  1. Select “Add New” under Pages in the left navigation
  2. Enter a page title where it says, “Enter title here”
  3. Select a Parent page that you would like this page to fall under unless this is a top level page. (this allows for the breadcrumb to display properly.
  4. Under WOU Page Settings you will want to select the page group you would like this page in (some sites do not use page groups and in that case you would just leave “No Group Selected”
  5. For Page Title you would want to change this to be “Use the Page’s Title”
  6. If you do not want to display the sidebar under the Show Sidebar select “Hide”
  7. This is the area where you will enter in your content.

Once the page has been created you will need to add it to your menu. View that tutorial now.