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The words of a loving friend

Remembering Brandon Lin

By:  Paige Scofield
Campus Life Editor

“He was one of the nicest, most selfless and caring people I have ever met. He was always there for his friends whenever they needed help,” said Emma Henry, friend of Brandon Lin. “Brandon and I were very close. We spent hours talking about anything and everything. We talked almost every day. He was a great listener and very supportive, every time I was upset or bawling my eyes out he was always there to talk, even when he couldn’t talk right at that moment he would always make sure to call me or text me when he was free just to make sure I was okay. He was super caring.”

On May 9, Western student Brandon Lin died after a car accident in Portland. Lin majored in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in literature. He lived on campus in Ackerman Hall and was preparing to serve as a peer mentor in the fall.

“It was easy to talk to him. He was always fun to be with. He made even the most simple and mundane task fun. His goofy nature always brought a smile to his friends. He was a great team player that was always ready for a new adventure,” explained Henry.

When asked what message Brandon left with his friends and family, Henry replied, “I think Brandon’s message would be ‘just do it.’ He was always very adventurous and was willing to try almost anything at least once. I think this would be his message because he had told me how before coming to Western he had a hard time making friends, especially at a community college, and also being on the shyer side,” explained Henry.

“When he first got here he was determined to make the best of his college life and have fun. By making a friend in his hall he was able to branch out and meet new people and try new things.
Whenever we would go out and try something new he was always the first to try it, he encouraged his friends also to be open minded and always try something new.”

“There are too many wonderful things and memories I wish could share about Brandon, but at the end of the day what I really want people to know about Brandon is that he was a very, sympathetic, sincere, reliable, generous and adventurous guy,” said Henry.

“He was very much loved by all his friends and family. To put it simply, he was a great son, brother, friend and guy. Although he may not be here with us physically he has left a mark on everyone he met and will always be in our hearts,” concluded Henry.

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