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Western gets vocal

Western’s a cappella groups hit the stage

By: Blayde Biacan
Staff Writer

Western’s very own a cappella event took place at the Smith Recital Hall on March 9. A cappella is singing without instrumentals. The experience had the performers doing their utmost in their talents, all the while still joking with the audience and themselves on

Western’s a cappella is separated into two groups. The male group is called 15 Miles West. While the female group is called Suspended. Their interactions on stage and between themselves show how close they are, “We’re like a family” said one performer.

In the event, many well known artists and songs were performed. In order of their performances, the event started with 15 Miles West performing “This is Gospel,” “I Wish,” “Jealous,” “7 Bridges Road,” “I Do” and an Usher medley. It then transitioned to Suspended performing a Chainsmokers medley, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” a Rihanna medley, “Hide and Seek” and a Colors medley. In the end they came together to sing “Never Be Like You.”

The only time that an individual stood out was in a solo, other than that, you could see and hear every performer and their music. Trying to focus in on one specific tune or person is hard. Despite there being no musical instruments besides the performers themselves, it sounds exactly like each song, which is truly what a cappella is.

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