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Review: “Beautiful Trauma”

P!nk brings new songs with the same sounds

Zoë Strickland | Managing Editor

Alecia Moore, more commonly known as P!nk, released her new album on Oct. 13. “Beautiful Trauma” is the artist’s first record in five years.

In true P!nk fashion, “Beautiful Trauma” is a tête-à-tête between upbeat pop songs and serious ballads. Her lyrics are deep and personal; like you’re sitting down with Moore and having the world’s most exciting conversation.

The first four tracks are a 16 minute romp, including “Revenge,” which features Eminem. “Revenge” is repetitive in the best way, and has lyrics with a feel reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” infused with a bit up rap and pop.

The bops transform into a two-song slow jam with “But We Lost It” and “Barbies.” Both tracks represent the softer, more honest side of P!nk. They’re a representation of my favorite strain of P!nk’s music stripped down vocals paired with a singular instrument. Moore’s voice was made for slow ballads, her soulful cantor and impactful lyrics weight every line.

The bulk of the album contains fun tracks that make you want to belt out every lyric. The songs are sell-able and make perfect singles, while still bringing the lyrical depth that’s hidden under the surface of P!nk’s songs.

The album ends opposite of how it begins, completing the story of the album. The rocky relationship found in the lyrics of the titular track comes full-circle with “You Get My Love,” a slow tune in which P!nk turns the anger displayed in the first song into acceptance and openness.  

In recent years, P!nk’s discography has been caught up with the same general sound. She’s been circulating around heavy beats with an essence of EDM and a touch of one-instrument ballads for her past three albums. “Beautiful Trauma” wasn’t anything new to P!nk’s repertoire.


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