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Music is in the air

The best way to stream music around campus

Alexandra Martin | Entertainment Editor

Music is a great way to fill any amount of silence with melodic noise. “Spotify has a wide selection…it’s the only way I stream music,” said Ethan Gilbert a junior computer science major. Whether a person is walking to class, driving down the road or finds themselves anywhere in between, streaming music has replaced the classic mp3s and there are about a million ways to get your music fix.

Mary Goodale, a senior communications major, still relies on purchased music but also uses popular streaming services, “I use Pandora or the Google Music app on my phone. I use Pandora when I want a wide range of music I don’t have on my phone and I use Google music when I want to listen to music I’ve purchased throughout the years.”

Surprisingly, many students around campus use more than one streaming service, depending on their mood such as Maria Krueger, a sophomore psychology major, “I like Spotify because the playlists you pick are more specific than when you listen on Pandora. But, I listen to Pandora when I don’t know exactly what I want to listen to and am feeling random.”

Spotify caters to a person’s musical interests with unique playlists and Pandora’s random selection method is great for scratching that musical itch that a person isn’t quite sure how to reach otherwise.

While there is an innumerable amount of other free options including AccuRadio, SlackerRadio and TuneIn, most music streaming services have one thing that most people can agree is possibly the worst kind of interruption when in the middle of a deserted highway or during a high-intensity workout: commercials. However, for a monthly fee these heinous interruptions can be avoided on most streaming sites. Go figure.

One such service, Spotify Premium, is partnering with Hulu to provide unlimited listening and commercial free access to hundreds of shows and movies for students at the discounted price of $4.99 for 12 months.


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