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Mad Hatter’s Dancing Tea Party

Ackerman Hall Student Government dives into Wonderland

By: Jasmine Morrow
Staff Writer

The Mad Hatter’s Dancing Tea Party was an event put on for Western’s students by the Akerman Hall Student Government. The tea party was put on for anybody who wanted a break and wanted to enjoy themselves.

The Ackerman Hall Student Government played music while the tea-party-goers enjoyed their cupcakes and tea, but they also had a space for students to dance if they wished to. The committee members that put on the Mad Hatter’s Dancing Tea Party were: Morgan Montoya, Bridget Parker, Chase Culm and Ellen Moore.

Montoya, a first-year psychology major, organized the event, which was Alice in Wonderland themed. That being said, Parker, a sophomore biology major, is the President of the Ackerman Hall Student Government and helped Monoya decorate. They put on the event because they wanted some students to have some fun.

There were sunglasses waiting to be given to the guests and a small photo booth that tea-party-goers could get their picture taken looking like the Queen of Hearts. The table clothes were different colors, there were smiling Cheshire cats hanging on the wall, there were tea cups, flowers and clocks sitting on the table and pink plastic flamingos standing around the room.

One of the guests, Sarah Tran, a first-year biology major, said that she went to the event because she loves Alice in Wonderland, dancing and cupcakes.

“I would definitely go to something like this again, but it would have to be a different theme,” said Tran.

There were a handful of people that showed up at the very start of the event. As the evening progressed, more people started to show up. Everyone had a smile on their face, they were taking pictures of the decorations, with their friends and of the cute cupcakes. It appeared that the tea-party-goers were enjoying the evening.

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