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Editor’s Note

Thoughts and plans for the year from the Editor

Stephanie Blair | Editor-in-Chief

To the first-years, still fresh on our campus — welcome. To the already soul-sucked returning students — welcome back.

As the horror show that is 2017 begins its final quarter, we return to classrooms with two Wolves already having passed away. A heartbreaking trend our school has developed recently: one that I wish we could shake.

However, there is, as always, hope. I truly believe that the students of Western Oregon are, if nothing else, intrepid. We come together in times of hardship and tragedy, in times of celebration and joy — or both, during homecoming weekend.

I have high hopes for the year as a whole, even if I don’t have it in our football team, who will be facing Azusa Pacific on Nov. 4.

In the coming nine months, my final three terms at Western, I will be working with our incredible staff to produce a publication that scrutinizes The Man — whether that be the president of our nation or our school. The Western Journal will pursue the true and pertinent information that you, the reader, have a right to know.

I have a tendency to chase truth like a dog after a rabbit, a habit I’ll do my best to instill in each and every staff member of The Western Journal before I leave our campus for good.

And we’ll have fun.

This year we’re introducing the Lifestyle section, something of which I’m sure a number of my predecessors would disapprove. I, on the other hand, think that this is the content that our paper is missing. I’m a self-proclaimed news junkie and will badmouth sites like Buzzfeed any day of the week, but I still click on their articles when a friend posts one on Facebook — I need to know what Starbucks drink I am based on my zodiac sign.

With luck and patience, we will strike a balance of hard news and lighthearted content. In this political climate, I think that’s exactly what our students need. If it’s not, feel free to let me know. As a student-funded publication, independent from the university’s administration, our loyalty and duty is to Western’s student population.

So, welcome to a new year at Western. Come join us for another round.