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Bringing students together, one egg at a time

Easter Egg Hunt helps connect student veterans with the community

Sam Dunaway | News Editor

The WOU Student Veterans of America and Residence Hall Association took on the role of the Easter bunny during the second week in April, for their second annual Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs scattered around campus invited determined students to take part in the search in order to win prizes and candy from the veterans center.

WOU Student Veterans of America president Shane Follett explained that the Easter Egg Hunt was an idea brought back from the Student Veterans of America National Conference in 2016. He was excited to implement something that would get student veterans involved on campus.

“For me, the primary purpose is to get that interaction between military and non-military affiliated students,” Follett expressed. The event also helped advertise the center itself as a place where both veterans and non-veterans can hang out, do homework and connect with other students.

“It lets people know that the vet center is here, we do have one on campus,” said Follett. The 2017 Easter Egg Hunt helped to build connections between student veterans and the community, which is one reason why the club was named Chapter of the Year at the 2018 SVA National Conference.

Members of SVA and RHA woke up bright and early every day, sometimes in the middle of the night, to hide nearly 75 eggs along Monmouth Ave. There they waited until students came to campus in the morning and began to search.

Instructions inside the eggs informed students to stop by the Veterans center to claim their prize. This included board games, candy, bluetooth speakers, Rokus, iHomes and the grand prize of a 50-inch 4k TV.

Follett enjoyed seeing students walk into the veterans center with excitement and walk out with a prize.

“It is getting people in the door. They are coming in and interacting with veterans that they may have had a class with and not even known they were a veteran.” He also noted that there is a stigma that exists around veterans, and events like these help to break that down. Follett explained, “It’s definitely getting the larger student population more comfortable around veterans.”

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Photo by: Paul F. Davis