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Opinion: Major keys of physical activity

May 13, 2019

Paul F. Davis | Managing Editor As college students, some of us often wish we could switch our major (wouldn’t it be nice to be an art major for a day?), but for obvious ...

Opinion: The biphobia epidemic

May 6, 2019

Chrys Weedon | Entertainment Editor It is nearly common knowledge in the psychological community that the LGBTQ+ community experiences a disparate amount of mental health issues ...

Guest Opinion: Money matters

April 8, 2019

Lake Larsen | Alumnus The world of finance and fiscal management is a stressful and scary place. Just the thought of budgeting will give many a thousand-yard stare. Because of ...

Opinion: Parking ticket pandemic

March 14, 2019

Ashlynn Norton | Photo Editor It’s a common consensus across campuses that tuition is too expensive. When beginning to look at how all the fees are broken down, some of it ...
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