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Advertising Guide 2018-19

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Size Options:

 2018-2019 Western Howl Advertising Sizes

Dimensions (measured in inches)

Full Page: 12 tall X 10 wide

1/2 Page: 6.25 tall X 10 wide

1/4 Page: 6.25 tall X 5 wide

Column Ad: 2.75 tall X 6.25 tall

*All ads can be flipped horizontally. For custom dimensions please contact our adviser Rhys Finch at

Advertising Rates:

Full Page: $480.00 (Color: $640.00)

1/2 Page: $240.00 (Color: $320.00)

1/4 Page: $120.00 (Color: $160.00)

Column Ad: $80.00 (Color: $100.00)



2-4 ads per term: 10%
5-8 ads per term: 15%

*Student clubs/organizations receive a 50% discount with no additional discounts available.
**Additional 5% discount with a full year commitment.


Publication Dates:

All advertisements are due by their deadline for publication; The Western Howl is not responsible for any ads that are not received to us on time. We will send a confirmation via email that your ads have been received to us within 24 hours after your ad submission.

Publication Dates
Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Spring 2019
Deadline Publication Deadline Publication Deadline Publication
9/24 9/26 1/7 1/9 4/1 4/3
10/1 10/3 1/14 1/16 4/8 4/10
10/8 10/10 1/21 1/23 4/15 4/17
10/15 10/17 1/28 1/30 4/22 4/24
10/22 10/24 2/4 2/6 4/29 5/1
10/29 10/31 2/11 2/13 5/6 5/8
11/5 11/7 2/18 2/20 5/13 5/15
11/12 11/14 2/25 2/27 5/20 5/22
3/4 3/6 5/27 5/29


Content Guidelines:

All advertising is subject to the approval of The Western Howl. The Western Howl reserves the right to reject any advertisements. The Western Howl will not knowingly print ads that are defamatory or discriminatory towards any group of individuals, contain plagiarized work, or violate local, state or federal laws.



The Western Howl requires prepayment of all ads. Payment is due on the Tuesday of the week the ad will run. Payment is preferred in the forms of check or money order. Cash is accepted but is preferred to be hand delivered to the Student Media office (Terry House). You may mail any checks or money orders to:

Western Oregon University
Attn: The Western Howl
345 N. Monmouth Ave
Monmouth, OR 97361



An additional 20% charge will be applied if The Western Howl creates the ad for the advertiser. The ad needs to be approved by Monday of the week the ad will run at 4 p.m. by the advertiser. If corrections are not submitted to The Western Howl, The Western Howl takes no responsibility for any errors or mistakes.



The Western Howl is not responsible for any ads that run which have been pre-approved by the advertiser. If corrections are not submitted to The Western Howl before 4 p.m. on the Sunday before the issue runs, The Western Howl will run the ad without proofs and is not liable for any errors.

The Western Howl will take sole responsibility for any and all ads that do not meet the size and format requirements as approved by the advertiser. The Western Howl is prepared to refund advertisers for any ads that do not meet such requirements listed above within a timely manner.

By advertising in The Western Howl, the advertiser accepts and is bound to the terms and conditions set forth in this rate card. The Western Howl reserves the right to change its advertising policies and rates at any time. All advertisements are subject to space availability.

For more information regarding advertising with The Western Howl please contact:

Rhys Finch
Student Media Adviser
Caity Healy