Forward Together 2017-23

Between April 2016 and January 2017, the 25 members of the Strategic Planning Committee worked to update the university’s mission, vision and values statement. The committee formulated, after many drafts and with input from hundreds of stakeholders, a comprehensive strategic plan called Forward Together. It will inform university goals and efforts through 2023. The Board of Trustees approved the plan Jan. 25.

The action items are based on the new WOU mission statement:

“Western Oregon University creates lasting opportunities for student success through transformative education and personalized support.”
Five institutional priorities were established and will drive resource allocation in the future:
•Student Success: Promote student success, learning and graduation through personalized support in a student-centered education community.
•Academic Excellence: Promote academic excellence in an engaged, student-focused learning environment.
•Community Engagement: Create meaningful opportunities for lasting partnerships with local communities and regional and global organizations.
•Accountability: Promote teamwork and transparency in budgeting, decision-making and the stewardship of resources.
•Sustainability and Stewardship: Promote effective university stewardship of educational, environmental, financial, human and technological resources.

Collaborative effort on campus
During all stages of the strategic planning process, the WOU community was invited to a number of events where it could offer feedback on the draft plan. Attendees shared thoughts about the overall concepts, word choice and university taglines that were born out of the plan. With each set of inputs, modifications were made as needed, and the final result gradually emerged. Because of the thoughtful insights from constituents such as students, staff members, faculty and community members, the complete document is reflective of WOU’s values and voices.