Careers in Design

The projects created by designers give form to the communication between their client and an audience. Designers explore the content of the message the client wishes to send, and they determine the appropriate form and media to convey that message. They manage the communication process, from understanding the problem to finding the solution. In other words, designers develop and implement overall communication strategies for their clients. The most successful graphic designers pair their creative ability with technical knowledge and a professional level of communication. Because about 25 percent of graphic designers are self-employed, business skills as well as creativity are important.


Visual Communication Design is a broad profession that includes many specializations and covers all ends of the creative spectrum. Many of these job descriptions overlap heavily, and an education in VCD will serve useful in more fields than just those listed here.


Design Specialties

Editorial Design (magazines/newspapers), Corporate Design / Identity & Collateral, Book Design, Music/Entertainment, Information Design, Advertising & Strategic Branding, Environmental Design, Web & Interaction Design, Packaging Design, Motion Graphics/Animation


Design-Related Job Titles

Creative and Production

Art Director, Creative Director, Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Motion Graphics Specialist, Package Designer, Prepress Specialist, Presentation Specialist, Production Artist, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Studio Manager, Traffic Coordinator



Online Editor, Online Marketing Specialist, Online Media Specialist, Multimedia Designer, Multimedia Project Manager, Web Animator, Web Production Artist, Website Designer


Advertising and Marketing

Account Director/Supervisor, Account Coordinator/Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager, Brand/Product Manager, Business Development Director, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Event/Trade Show Coordinator, Event/Trade Show Manager, Marketing Director/Manager, Marketing Researcher, Media Buyer, Media Director, Media Planner, Promotion Specialist, Proofreader


Public Relations

Account Coordinator, Account Executive, Account Manager/Supervisor, Agency Vice President/ Director, Corporate Public Relations Director/Manager/Specialist, VP of Corporate Communications


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