Graphic Design

Graphic design approaches images and type as powerful tools giving shape to ideas. In graphic design courses at WOU, students learn to bring together message, meaning, and form to create memorable communications. They gain a broad range of practical skills, applying typography and design processes to challenging creative projects guided by supportive faculty. Graphic designers must thoughtfully incorporate type and image into visual experiences fueled by the design elements and principles inherent in all art processes.


All VCD majors at the upper level take a series of graphic design courses: A320, A321, and A322. Students may choose to continue their graphic design experience by taking advanced courses in print design: A420, A421, and A422. Through a multitude of formats – logos, brochures, packaging, posters, exhibition displays, and more – students solve print visual communications challenges with a wide array of clients and audiences in mind, working both individually and in collaborative design teams.





Art and Design Department Office Coordinator - Laura Killip

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