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Telecommunications provides telephone services and network data connections to the WOU campus.


Telecommunication Services is part of the University Computing Department. We are located in the ITC building, room 009.

You may contact us at:

ph:503-838-8010 or by email: telecom@wou.edu


Telecom Rate Update Jul 1st, 2015

  • Analog Phone: $21 / month
  • Digital Phone: $25 / month
  • IP Phone: $25 / month
  • Fax / Stand-alone Voicemail / Modem / etc: $18 / month
  • Wired Network Connection: $15 / month
  • WiFi in combination with wired workstation: $12 / month per person
  • WiFi without a wired workstation: $20 / month

Other services provided by Telecommunication Services are:

  • Activating new or relocating existing telephone stations
    • note: moving an existing extension requires a Telecom technician
  • Repair for voice and data lines
  • Telephone and voice mail usage assistance
  • Long distance authorization codes
  • Conference speakerphone and audio conference reservation
  • Telephone and network service billing
  • Calling card checkout

2013 Voicemail transition

To submit a work order to TelecommunicationsPlease send an e-mail to telecom@wou.edu.
Include the following information in your e-mail:

  1. Department name
  2. Contact name and extension
  3. Index to charge
  4. Description of work to be requested

Telecommunications resources

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Staff and Faculty wireless signup

Enrolled students are automatically granted access to the Western’s wireless network. Staff and Faculty can sign up for wireless by visiting wou.edu/wireless