WOU’s Enterprise Data Warehouse began in July 2013 when the university’s CIO, Bill Kernan, asked then UCS Operating Systems/Security Analyist Richard Kavanagh to work with him and UCS Assistant Director Michael Ellis on a little project. Kavanagh agreed, so the trio sequestered themselves into the department’s only conference room for several months to develop the university’s first data warehouse. After they got the ball rolling, Ellis and Kernan were able to return to their regular duties and the team was expanded to include Nick Miller, Shea Hawes, and Max Chartier.

WOU’s Enterprise Data Warehouse was launched on June 2, 2014. The warehouse currently stores accounts recievable, admissions, finance, payroll, registration, and student data with plans to later expand this repository. There are over 20 business intelligence reports available for use, with more being created and validated every day. For a list of the current reports in production, please visit our report catalog.


Data Warehouse Team

Bill Kernan

Chief Information Officer, Director of University Computing Services

Michael Ellis

Assistant Director of University Computing Services, Team Lead, Oracle Consultant

Richard Kavanagh

Programmer Analyst, Dimensional Model Expert, Kimball Rules Expert, ODI Guru

Nick Miller

Programmer Analyst, Banner Finance & Human Resources Expert, Cognos Framework Manager Guru

Shea Hawes

Programmer Analyst, Banner Student Expert, Student Modeler Guru

Max Chartier

Data Architect, Banner Human Resources Expert, Cognos Reports Guru

Mike Ross (Former Member)

Programmer Analyst, Oracle Database Administrator

Alan Phillips

Programmer Analyst, Oracle Database Administrator

Jared Petersen

Student Programmer and Web Developer, Honors Student