Name Position Term
Jay Kenton (co-chair) VP, Finance and Administration By Office
Tina Fuchs Presidential designee 2018-19
Hilary Holman-Kidd Provost & VP, Academic Affairs designee By Office
Malissa Larson VP, Student Affairs designee By Office
Richard Kavanagh VP, Finance and Administration designee By Office
Judy Vanderburg VP, General Counsel designee By Office
Randi Lydum Executive Director, Athletics designee By Office
Camarie Campfield Budget Manager By Office
Eric Bruce Faculty Senate 2017-18
Katherine Schmidt (co-chair) Faculty Senate 2017-18
Cheryl Beaver Faculty Senate 2018-19
David Foster Faculty Senate 2018-19
Debbie Braun Staff Senate 2018-19
Louann Casares Staff Senate 2017-18
Laura Tierney Staff Senate 2018-19
Michael Ellis (former ASC) Staff 2018-19
Natasha Roman (former ASC) Staff 2017-18
Evelyn Guzman ASWOU 2018-19
Ailyn Angel ASWOU 2017-18