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What can Oregon's QRIS do for me?

Oregon's QRIS provides information for making informed choices about care and education settings for children. As a parent, you can choose a program based on a standardized quality rating.

Field Test 2013

Oregon's QRIS is in the process of field testing right now and programs' ratings will be available for parents' use in 2014. If you live in a field test area, ask your child care provider if they are participating!

Oregon's QRIS will provide parents with a tool to help in finding higher quality child care. Participating programs will receive a Commitment to Quality (C2Q), or a 3, 4 or 5 star rating from Oregon's QRIS. Parents will have access to the information about what the C2Q and star levels mean for children.

Many states have Quality Rating and Improvement Systems. To find out more about Oregon's System please click the "About QRIS" tab above.

Check back in 2014 to find out which programs in your area have QRIS star ratings and to learn more about what that means for your child.

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