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Dance Minor

The Theatre/Dance Department provides Dancers the chance to participate in three main stage theatre productions per year, one main stage dance production, various studio and student-directed productions, a summer theatre production, and a musical every other year.  The Dance Program provides you the opportunity to develop creative, technical, pedagogical, and performance skills under the guidance of professional faculty in a supportive environment.


Minor in Dance  33 credits

Dance Core:  17 credits

D 260 Dance Improvisation
D 351 Dance Composition I

Choose from Modern Dance Technique Courses:  6 credits

D 180, 181,182 Modern Dance 1-2-3
D 210, 211, 212 Modern Dance 4-5-6
D 280, 281, 282 Modern Dance 7-8-9

Choose one course: 3 credits

D 453 Ballet History
D 454 Evolution of Modern Dance

Elective technique courses from: Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, World Dance, Hip Hop, Pointe, or Conditioning  11 credits


Electives in Dance:  9 credits

D 199 SS: Group Choreography
D 240 Wellness for Dancers
D 250 Drumming for Dancers
D 251 Introduction to Dance
D 270 Dance Partnering
D 300 Human Movement Notation
D 310 Dance and Gender
D 330 Rhythmic Awareness
D 352 Dance Composition II
D 357 Dance in Musical Theatre
D 390 Kinesiology for Dance
D 399 Dance Theatre/Musical
D 400 Internship
D 406 Independent Studies
D 407 Seminar
D 408 Workshop
D 409 Internship
D 450 Dance Repertory
D 451 Dance Production
D 451L Dance Production Lab
D 455 Group Choreography
D 460 Dance & Technology
D 491 Creative Dance for Children
D 494 Dance Pedagogy
D 496 Creativity

*A maximum of 6 credits may be earned under D400 Internship within the major.

Dance Minor Requirements – Total credits 33* (*must include 15 upper division credits)


Department of Theatre and Dance 503 838-8310 | or e-mail: janovid@wou.edu