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These "Frequently Asked Questions" documents were originally a weekly email series, some years ago. They've been updated, but if you see anything that looks out-of-date or leaves you with further questions, please email or use the suggestion box on the Tech homepage.


Basic Topics

Here you'll find general information, mostly written for non-technical people or anyone just curious about "How does it work?"

Blogging In General
Email in general
URL Interpretation
Wiki in general
Windows Basics part 1
Windows Basics part 2
World-Wide Web part 1
World-Wide Web part 2


Hazards and Advice

Protect your computer, your files, and your bank balance!

Email etiquette
Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing
Safe data storage
Spam part 1
Spam part 2
Spam part 3


WOU Systems

This section covers WOU-specific information.

Account Expiration
Communicating with UCS
FTP and Remote Desktop (updated!)
Logins and Passwords (updated!)
Printer FAQs
WOU Forums part 1
WOU Forums part 2
WOU wireless network

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Location: ITC 009