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Dr. Greg Zobel

Dr. Greg Zobel

Assistant Professor, Division of Teacher Education

(503) 838-8728 | zobelg@wou.edu | RWEC 225

Please visit Dr. Zobel’s website: www.drgbz.com


Ph.D. in Technical Communication & Rhetoric, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
M.A. in Literature & Teaching of Writing, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
B.A. in English, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR




I am an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology. My PhD is in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. I research, present, and write about screencasting, improving user- and learner-centered design in online learning, and understanding student and faculty perceptions about their online learning and teaching experiences. I teach graduate students–mostly online and mostly about how to use technology to support their teaching and educational goals.


Courses taught:

ED 270: Technology for Teachers




CSE 604: Portfolio
CSE 606: Web Based Web Site Design
CSE 617: Open Source Software
CSE 619: Big Thinkers
CSE 624: Internet for Educators
CSE 632: Cultural, Social, and Philosophical Issues in Educational Technology
CSE 667: Making Video Accessible
CSE 668: Creating Mobile Content
CSE 669: Screencasting: Basics & Best Practices
CSE 692: Learning Objects
ED 626: Instructional Design
ED 633: Research and Writing
LIB 686: Emerging Technologies



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