The MSEd in Informational Technology degree in the Division of Teacher Education at WOU


This educational technology degree opens doors to teachers, trainers, and informal educators alike who want to incorporate technology into their coursework effectively.

If you are a classroom teacher you will gain understanding of many ways to bring the world to your classroom through interactive tools and digital learning communities. Naturalists and environmental interpreters in natural or cultural areas with become better able to reach their target audience and develop virtual interpretive tours among many other exciting ways to engage the world-wide community. Trainers in every field will appreciate discovering and gaining proficiency in a myriad of emerging technology tools and skills to deliver training when and where it is most needed through cutting edge strategy.

This online program requires you to have a bachelor’s degree.  You can begin any term, and it will take 5 terms (45 credits) that you can spread out for up to 5 years to complete.  Additional requirements for completion include successful submission of comprehensive Exams, Professional Portfolio, Thesis or Field Study.  K-12 teachers will also have to pass TSPC required tests.

The program qualifies K-12 teachers for continued licensure, and students may choose to complete the Instructional Design Certificate embedded in this program.

Find out more about Graduate Program entry by visiting the Graduate Office’s  MSEd: Information Technology page.

If you still have questions, contact Olivia Flores, RWEC 164