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ESOL Endorsement/Certificate

Through the Bilingual ESOl Endorsement / Certificate program we offer two pathways for you to grow as an ESOL instructor. The program prepares teachers to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students in mainstream, sheltered, bilingual, and English Language Development (ELD) classrooms.

Endorsement (21 credits): Provides K-12 ESOL and Bilingual ESOL credential for licensed Oregon teachers.

Certificate (18 credits): Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) identifies standards aligned to the Bilingual/ESOL educator endorsement. The program is aligned to these standards but will not culminate in an educator endorsement as it targets support school personnel and other interested education professionals.


To enter the program you’ll need:


You can finish the program in 1 year or less.

  • On-campus classes meet once per week from 5 – 8 pm.
  • The Online/distance classes are offered fall, spring and summer terms.

Faculty members in the ESOL/Bilingual program have advanced degrees and many years of experience working with English language learners in a variety of settings and grade levels. Classes are based on collaborative discussions, hands-on activities, and field experiences that make learning more meaningful and relevant to the realities of today’s schools.


Please contact our Graduate Programs Advisor
Zig Derowchowski
derochowskiz@wou.edu / 503-838-9269
Richard Woodcock Education Center Rm 117