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Endorsements, Specializations & Certificates

  • Reading: This certificate is designed for licensed teachers who wish to add a reading specialist endorsement to their existing license.  The program focuses on enhancing and broadening reading specific knowledge, instructional practices and strategies, and other related responsibilities in the the classroom.
  • ESOL: This endorsement is an add-on endorsement to an Oregon teaching license and can be completed in three ways: by itself, or in conjunction with an undergraduate program or graduate program. Learn more about how this endorsement can enhance your professional portfolio.
  • ESOL/Bilingual: Our ESOL/Bilingual endorsement is nearly same as the ESOL endorsement. The signature difference is that a candidate must also show language proficiency by completing at least 6 credits of upper division foreign language coursework (i.e., 300 level or above) or by passing the TSPC approved language exam. Discover more about the endorsement, and the exciting special opportunities and resources WOU has to offer students who are interested in becoming a licensed bilingual teacher.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Students who complete this graduate program will join a pool of ASD Licensed Specialists who are highly trained in nationally recognized evidence-based interventions to train and coach local district personnel and work to assure fidelity of implementation of comprehensive educational services.
  • Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader: Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leaders will know and deeply understand the mathematics of elementary school, how mathematics concepts and skills develop through middle school, will have foundation in pedagogical content knowledge and will be prepared to take on collegial non-evaluative leadership roles within their schools and districts. These math specialists will have a broad view of many aspects and resources needed to support and facilitate effective instruction and professional growth. Our program meets the content requirements for the TSPC Specialization: Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader (EMIL) for Oregon for instructors teaching elementary math.
  • Instructional Design: The instructional design certification program is appropriate for individuals who work, or plan to work, in adult learning environments, corporate training, informal education, K12 school systems, or any field where teaching and learning are integral to the mission. It provides graduate students from diverse backgrounds advanced skills in the planning and creation of learning experiences using technology in the classroom, online, and in informal environments.