The College of Education’s MSEd: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Program


This innovative and unique program, new to Oregon, is designed for educators who want to teach deaf and hard of hearing children. Housed in the Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies (DSPS) this exciting opportunity allows you to work at the intersection of DSPS and the Division of Teacher Education, as it also earns you an initial Oregon teacher license.

The degree takes 2 years (68 credits) to complete and culminates in a Research Project.  You can begin the program in the Fall of each year, with course offered on campus, online or as a hybrid.

The coursework allows you to develop and incorporate foundational knowledge and theories of educational thought, including various epistemological frameworks, into your teaching practice. You will attain the ability to analyze various linguistic, social and cultural perspectives in Deaf Education as well as learn how they contribute to the cognitive and academic development of students.  As a leader in your field, this course will prepare you to collaborate effectively in various educational settings with other Deaf and Hard of Hearing educational service professionals.

Find out more about Graduate Program entry by visiting the Graduate Office’s MSEd in Deaf and Hard of Hearing page.

If you still have questions, contact the Program Coordinator, Patrick Graham /