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Sustainability At the Werner University Center


Sustainability means meeting the economic, social, and environmental needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Upcoming Green News:


We have just changed our toilet seat covers and paper towels in the restrooms to biodegradable and 50% post-consumer waste, respectively. We also have mobile
compost bins that we use with conferences and such that use catering!



Welcome to Werner University Center's sustainability page! This is an interdepartmental effort to:

  • Provide information on how WUC is practicing and promoting sustainability on our campus
  • Serve as a "focal point " to connect and enhance the visibility of existing WUC resources
  • Increase awareness of the need for a more socially equitable, environmentally sensitive, and economically stable campus culture

What we currently do:

  • Utilize "green" chemicals in cleaning throughout the WUC
  • Utilize waterless urinals in two bathrooms in the WUC, saving 1000's of gallons of water.
  • Utilizing automatic towel dispensers in bathrooms to cut down on waste
  • Utilizing auto-shut off sinks to reduce water usage
  • Using more efficient T8 light bulbs in the building to cut energy usage and disengaging some office light bulbs to reduce energy consumption.
  • Started a WOU Environmental Challenge team of students to examine everything we do and make it more sustainable.
  • Winter 2009 - replace chiller with a more environmentally-friendly model that will use less energy.
  • Reycling batteries/toner cartridges
  • Dual-flush toilets throughout the facility - reducing water usage when possible
  • Compost bins and portable ones for events
  • In-Room Recycling stations
  • Tenants in the facility have worked on sustainability plans to reduce, reuse and recycle more in their areas!
  • Bike Repair staten located outside the Pacific Room


What are in our immediate plans:

  • Adding auto light sensors to many areas to turn lights off when not in use.


Long-Term plans:


Green Wolf Sustainability Club is an open minded group that works together to create sustainable changes, education, and events on the WOU campus.

We also partner with neighboring communities.
Purpose: create a more sustainable campus, town, lifestyle, and increase education about such things.
Meetings are held in the Klamath Room at 5p on Thursdays for Winter Term 2013
Contact Green Wolf Sustainability Club President: Angelica Martinez at”


  • Examining solar and wind power in the WUC
  • Increasing efficiency of facility for energy, steam and natural gas.
  • Replace outdated and inefficient windows and other equipment.



WUC Information Desk 503-838-8261 | or e-mail: