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Meet the PLUS Team!!!



Victor Zavala Jr.

Year in School: Senior


Major: Business


Minor: Communication


Hometown: Fullerton, CA


High School: Buena Park High


High School Graduation Year: 2006


Previous College/Universities: N/A


Interests and Hobbies: Cooking, watching Suits/Vikings/Boardwalk Empire/Game of Thrones


Career Plans/Academic Goals: Banker, Financial Planner, Human Resources


Activities, clubs, academic honors, athletics: PLUS Team =)


Employment: Werner University Center, Cafe Allegro, PLUS Team


Favorite places to eat in Monmouth: Yeasty Beasty and Royal Thai (Independence)


Additional Information: I am a foodie and enjoy wine.

New Students: I would advise new students to challenge themselves. Try new things without risking your integrity. Get involved early on to maximize your experience.





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