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Meet the PLUS Team!!!


Shaunaly Hutton


Year in School: Sophomore


Major:ASL/English Interpreting


Minor: Theater Arts (Musical theater emphasis)


Hometown: Harrah, WA


High School: Eisenhower


High School Graduation Year: 2013


Previous College/Universities: N/A


Interests and Hobbies: Theater, dance, guide dogs for the blind


Career Plans/Academic Goals: Major in ASL/English Interpreting and Musical Theater, hopefully then get a job interpreting for the government


Activities, clubs, academic honors, athletics: I am involved with Guide Dogs in Salem. I've raised 3 guide dogs already and am going to get a 4th after New Student Week


Employment: PLUS Team


Favorite places to eat in Monmouth: Haven't really explored the food choices here, but Rick's is a great place to get coffee!


Additional Information: New students should just be themselves and live in the moment. College can be stressful at times, but time goes bye way faster than you think. Enjoy making memories of all kinds.





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