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Meet the PLUS Team!!!


Shannen Brouner


Year in School: Senior


Major: Communications


Minor: Undecided


Hometown: Prineville, OR


High School: Crook County High School


High School Graduation Year: 2011


Previous College/Universities: Central Oregon Community College


Interests and Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, napping, eating, photography, spending time with friends


Career Plans/Academic Goals: My career plans after college are still unknown, for now my goal is to graduate in the next 2 years with my Bachelor's.


Activities, clubs, academic honors, athletics: Concert choir


Employment: Goody's Chocolate & Ice Cream


Favorite places to eat in Monmouth: Yeasty Beasty, Dairy Queen


Additional Information: Advice: Utilize college as a place to learn anything and everything; learn a subject, learn a new skill, learn about the world, learn about a person, an organization, a cause, and learn about yourself. But remember that your education doesn't end when you graduate... Also, keep an eye out for events around campus that offer free food. You don't ever want to miss out on free food.





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