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Meet the PLUS Team!!!



Kaylee Church

Year in School: Junior


Major: Mathematics


Minor: Psychology


Hometown: Damascus, OR


High School: Sam Barlow High


High School Graduation Year: 2012


Previous College/Universities: N/A


Interests and Hobbies: Running, Baking, Socializing, and often frolicking through fields of flowers =)


Career Plans/Academic Goals: Graduate with a smile!


Activities, clubs, academic honors, athletics: I am involved in the Honors program, the Student Enrichment Program, and am a member of the 2014 Conduct Committee.


Employment: I work at the WOU Health and Wellness Center and a BBQ food cart in the summer.


Favorite places to eat in Monmouth: Yeasty Beasty


Additional Information: The best advice I have for new students is to reach out to others and make connections. Everyone comes to college wanting to make friends but being the first to say hi and introduce yourself is hard. My advice is to be that friendly person because there is a school full of people just waiting to get to know you! Outside of that, get involved. WOU has billions of positions on campus and it feels good to be involved at the place where you go to school. Being involved really makes on love their school!






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