Vendor Information

(The top portion is for the student group, the bottom portion is for the vendor)


Sponsoring Student Group


Western Oregon University has granted privileges for off-campus vendors or guests to sell merchandise/services or distribute information on state-owned property as a result of your willingness to sponsor them as a recognized student organization.Vendors and invited guests are expected to adhere to campus policies.There are certain expectations the university has of you, the sponsoring student organization:


  • You must tentatively reserve the vendor space and the event advisement process must be completed to confirm the space a minimum of one week prior to your vendorís arrival.Vendor spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-assigned basis.Vendor space that has been tentatively reserved, but not yet confirmed on the day of the event, may be bumped from their location or cancelled entirely.
  • You should greet your vendor at a pre-determined time on campus and show the vendor to the location that has been reserved for them.
  • You should collect your agreed-upon fee from your vendor (prior to date of activity).Vendor fees should be immediately deposited into your student organization account.Contact the ASWOU Office Coordinator to deposit your vendor fee.
  • If concerns are communicated regarding the non-compliance of vendors to campus policy or the conduct of the vendor, the university will ask you and your organization to immediately address those concerns directly with the vendor.
  • Vendors who are selling merchandise or services are restricted from using the WUC east foyer location.That location is reserved for information distribution only.Passive displays are restricted to the WUC West Vendor and the WUC Oregon Room display locations only.
  • There are also a limited number of one day parking passes for free at the WUC Information Desk, sponsored by ASWOU.Each vendor is eligible for only one free day, regardless of the number of days the vendor stays.
  • There is limited space for vendors to store belongings in between vendor dates.Contact ASWOU for storage location space prior to the arrival of the vendor.






You have been granted permission to sell your merchandise/service or distribute information as a result of being sponsored by a recognized student organization on campus.The University has defined specific responsibilities for off-campus vendors to follow:


  • Day parking permits may be obtained from Public Safety located on the north end of campus.The University typically does not provide free parking for vendors.
  • Provide payment of your vendor fee to your sponsoring organization prior to the setup of your display.
  • Vendors must restrict their displays and merchandise to the space that has been assigned to them.This is typically one 6-foot rectangular or serpentine table area.
  • Vendors must remove all display materials at the end of each day of their reservation (even if the vendor is assigned to the same location on consecutive days of a reservation.)
  • There is limited vendor storage available through ASWOU.Make arrangements for this space, including security, prior to your arrival on campus.WOU is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen merchandise.
  • Vendors must not block or impede foot traffic by their assigned locations.Vendors should allow individuals the opportunity to approach their tables and not solicit or call out for customers.
  • The University has granted to the WOU Bookstore exclusive selling rights of their inventory on campus.If a vendor is selling merchandise which directly competes with the WOU Bookstore inventory, the vendor will be asked to remove that particular item(s) from their display.If the vendor continues to sell those items which compete with the bookstore inventory, the vendor will be asked to leave campus and future requests to be sponsored on campus will be denied.
  • If you have questions or need clarification regarding any university policy or procedure, please contact your sponsoring organization or the Werner University Center Information Desk staff.


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