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The Werner University Center allocates space in four indoor and four outdoor locations on a first-come, first-served basis. The Werner University Center will provide one 6 table, a bench or 2 chairs, and limited space at the vendor location for publicizing (either with an easel or bulletin board) unless other arrangements with the vendor have been made prior to arrival.


The rate you are charged for your space is determined solely by the student organization or group that sponsors you on the Western Oregon University campus.


Each vendor or outside agency that utilizes space in the Werner University Center (WUC) must complete this agreement listing the guidelines, policies, and expectations. The WUC has the right to withdraw permission for use of space and/or withdraw sale of objectionable items. The following terms are subject to change without notice by the Werner University Center.


  • Vendors must check-in at the Werner University Center front desk prior to setting up your space.
  • Merchandise must stay within your designated area extending 6 feet in front of the space, but traffic ways must not be blocked. Nothing may be hung from ceilings, walls, windows, posts, etc. with the exception of posters on the vendor spaces nearest the elevator inside the WUC.
  • The WUC has the right, at its sole discretion, to regulate the setup of the space. Space may only be reserved by authorized WOU-affiliated organizations on behalf of vendors. Vendors may not reserve or alter the nature of space reserved in the WUC.
  • No music, noise, or amplified sound is permitted.
  • There is no storage space within the WUC available.
  • Representatives are responsible for all merchandise purchased at the table, complaints, refunds, etc.
  • WOU ID Cards are university property and cannot be copied or photographed.
  • There can be no products that compete with items available in the Bookstore or WOU Food Service unless authorized by those departments in advance.
  • Parking is not provided by the university and you should arrange for parking in coordination with your student organization sponsor.
  • Loading and unloading is allowed in loading zones and vehicles must then be moved immediately.
  • You must arrange for payment for the right to use this space with your student organization only. The WUC will not accept any payment for services, nor offer change or any other monetary assistance. By signing this agreement, you agree that you will abide by any verbal or written agreement for payment made with your student organization sponsor.


As an authorized agent, I agree to abide by this agreement, university policies, and all applicable state laws and regulations. I understand that future requests may be refused if you or any other agent of your organization has violated provisions of this agreement in the past.


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Turn in this completed form for the Werner University Center Information Desk when you arrive.