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The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is charged with the responsibility of taking care of our thousands of students during the 150-plus hours a week when they are not in class. Obviously, this is an enormous undertaking, but our care and dedication to the students makes the challenges easier. If you have a question or concern about an aspect on-campus and don’t know where to start, our office can assist you. Here are some of the services provided to students by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs:


WOU Faculty and Staff Only:  Form to nominate a graduating student for the Delmer Dewey Award, Julia McCulloch Smith Award, or Outstanding Graduate Student


Nomination - Outstanding Graduating Students

Submit nomination(s) for the Delmer Dewey Award, the Julia McCulloch Smith, and the Outstanding Graduate Student Awards.
  • Full Name
  • Select the Award for the Nomination.
  • Your name
  • Address how the nominee meets the award criteria.