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Primary Contact information

If you have questions or concerns regarding housing or mealplan(s), please contact the Office of University Housing and Campus Dining at (503) 838-8311, or email us at



Housing Office Staff

Jodi Reimer

Reception - Office Specialist I 503-838-8311

Lori Anderson

Processor - Office Specialist II 503-838-8627

Ann Barton-Brown

Administrative Specialist 503-838-8928

Chris Kempton

Office Manager 503-838-8933

Bonnie Sherrill

Accounts Specialist 503-838-8319

Student Conduct Staff

Barbara Pena

Student Conduct Assistant 503-838-8930

Charisse Loughery

Student Conduct Coordinator 503-838-8411


Residence Hall Staff

Schuyler Asman

Interim Assistant Director 503-838-9474

Mike Mann

Coordinator, Leadership and Programs 503-838-8426

Blair Osborn

Assistant Resident Director 503-838-9486

Stephanie Anderson

Ackerman Hall Resident Director 503-751-4900

Michael Carroll

Heritage Hall Resident Director 503-838-8236
Anelise Montán

Quad Resident Director 503-838-8329
TBD Landers Hall Resident Director TBD 503-838-8304
Tyler Crawford Program Assistant - Facilities & Operations 503-838-8414
Nick DeGraw ACUHO-I Intern 503-838-8302

Apartment Managers

For Apartment Manager Office Hours, please see our Family Housing page.

Sheridan Bailey

Alderview Apartment Manager   503-975-4576

Heather Sanderson

Alder View Apartment Manager   503-751-4576

Brolin Johnson

Knox Street Apartment Manager   208-521-7404


Residential Dining Valsetz Food Court

Julie Whitley

Food Service Manager 503-838-8950


Chef Manager 503-838-8935

Karl Wallig

Accounting Assistant 503-838-8278


Retail Dining Werner University Restaurants & Catering

Jenna Otto

Catering Orders 503-838-8439


Chef Manager 503-838-8935


Residential Computing

Ryan Jennings

Residential Computing Manager 503-751-4018


Directors, Associate and Assistant Directors

Tina Fuchs

Dean of Students 503-838-8220

Karen J. Nelles, R.D.

Foodservice Director 503-838-8382
David Sundby

Interim Associate Director, Housing 503-838-8658

Schuyler Asman

Interim Assistant Director, Housing 503-838-9474

University Housing 503-838-8311 | or e-mail: