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Housing and Dining


Common Questions (and Answers)


  • How long do I have, after I move in, to get my parking permit on my vehicle?

    University Public Safety allows students a "grace period" of approximately one week after check in day in September before they start ticketing vehicles without parking permits. If you move in at any other time during the year, your permit needs to be on your vehicle the day you move in.


  • Can I have a telephone land-line?

    The residential complex is hard-wired to accommodate these land lines. If you want this type of phone service in your room, you will need to bring your own phone device. Contact the Telecommunications Office (503-838-8010), located on the main floor of the Administration Building to set up your phone service. Answering machines are not necessary as an automated answering system (AUDIX) is already in place in each of the rooms.


  • What is my phone number?

    If you choose to bring a phone (non-cell) and hook it up in your room, phone number information is available at the Residential Service Center (RSC), located on the North side of the Valsetz Dining Hall (503-838-8363), University Housing, located on the ground floor of Ackerman Hall (503-838-8311), or Telecommunications Office (503-838-8010), located on the main floor of the Administration Building.


  • How do I call long distance?

    To make long-distance calls from a land line, each student must obtain a long distance access code from Telecommunications (503-838-8010) or at the Telecommunications office in the Administration Building, ground floor. Please note: Roommates do NOT share access codes.


  • Is there a computer hookup?

    In addition to wireless service, the residential complex is also hard-wired for computer hookups in all of the rooms. You will need to know your student account information before you can access the network. To obtain your student account information, go to the website: If you have problems, please visit or call the Residential Computer Lab (89201) located in the main lobby of the Residential Service Center. Once you have your student account information, you can simply open a web browser on your computer and follow the instructions. If you need help connecting to the network, or would like a virus removed, these services are provided at a nominal fee by the Residential Computer Lab staff.


  • Do I need a separate data line for the computer?

    No, in addition to wireless service, each room has been hard-wired for all residents to have access to the WOU network.


  • What is the cost for having Residential Computing connect my computer to the WOU network?

    The monthly line charge and Telecommunications fee are included in your room and board charges. Students who wish to have the Residential Computing Staff connect their computers to the network are charged a $25.00 connection fee. Instructions are provided. Once you have your student account information, you can simply open a web browser on your computer and follow the instructions if you wish to connect your computer yourself. If you have questions about computer requirements or your network connection in your room, please feel free to call Residential Computing at 503-838-9201 or visit the Residential Computing Website.


  • When and where do I pay my fees?

    Fees are paid according to the fee payment schedule during the first week of classes each term. Most fees can be paid on-line via the Wolf Web.


  • Do I have to pay all at once?

    No. You can make a choice of three payment options:
    - Pay for the entire year in one payment.
    - Pay only for each term - during that term.
    - Use the Revolving Payment Plan to split the term charges into thirds.
    Contact the Business Office (503-838-8201) for a Revolving Charge statement of policy. All room and board fees must be paid in full by the end of each term to be eligible for housing the following term or year.


  • Where is the bookstore?

    The bookstore is located in the Werner University Center.


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